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Bassett Construction

Our “Build and Finance Program” provides a 70% to 80% complete home which you finish yourself. If you own your land free and clear, we will finance 100% of our sales price for qualified buyers.

These homes are complete on the exterior except for paint and hooking up to your utilities. The interior has bare 2" x 4" stud walls with electrical wire pulled from all the boxes to the breaker box and we provide all the breakers, plugs, and switches for you to complete the electrical from there. All plumbing is topped out through the roof and stubbed out from the walls to simplify your completion work. One bathroom has all the plumbing fixtures installed and ready to use once you tie into your utilities. A fifty-gallon water heater and a washing machine box are also included. We furnish the sheetrock for the entire house, but we only install the ceiling portion. Price per square foot and plans very, please contact our office for more details.

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