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Bassett Construction

Bassett Construction Inc. has been building homes in West Texas for more than 50 years. The company was founded by A.C. Bassett in the early 50’s and has built more than 1000 homes in Odessa Texas and the surrounding area. A.C. & wife Melba Bassett were very active in the community and contributed greatly to the development of the area and to the education of children and young adults.

Brother’s Billy Bassett and Don Bassett have been involved in Bassett Construction for more than 30 years and now run the daily business. Delton Chambers, Superintendent for Bassett Construction, has more than 20 years building experience and oversees the construction phase from start to finish.

Bassett Construction is your builder of choice for all your construction needs, whether it be new construction or remodeling, commercial or residential projects, ranging from affordable housing to multi- million dollar homes.

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